piątek, 21 września 2012

Eight: done!

Okay, remember how I wrote, that I want to do something moderately crazy with my hair? Moderately enough to find a job? Don't expect any sort of Rhianna or Lady Gaga style, I just dyed part of my hair blue. Electric blue. And actually I have a job and new offers keep coming! Maybe this is what brings me luck, probably I should dye it all pink and blue.

It all took 24 PLN for a toner and 30 PLN for whitening my hair. It's my green-haired sister and I:

czwartek, 13 września 2012

Task 14: Get a professional photo shoot done

Because who said it's all gonna be for higher purpose?

Wait, I think it was me.

Anyway. I won't be 24 again, and I imagine myself sitting in an old armchair, and looking at pictures from when I was 24 and still had my own teeth. When I was 8 I wanted to be a war correspondent, taking pics in the heat of battle, I never had those dreams of being a model or even a singer (I had a crush for Prince William though, I would be a perfect princess, Kate Middleton is a tough competition). So... with all the vanity I have, yes, I want to have a nice picture of myself taken. Does anybody know a good photographer?

niedziela, 9 września 2012

A short manual about how to sell everything, hit the road and find love

Well, I'm not gonna tell you how to sell everything, hit the road and find love, but Luis will, if you start following his story. I found out about him from Leila (who is by the way my infinite source of cool stories). Luis is a sketcher, who started his awesome World Sketching Tour. He aims to travel the world and sketch what he sees, to set his foot on five continents within five years. 

You can't really see it, but this guy has a bounce in his step

I took him to Fotoplastikon and then (the weather was awful) we had hot chocolate in Wedel, where we sketched a bit together. Well, I was a big fan of this project, now I'm even bigger one. I'm inspired and excited about his journey. I got some really cool advices concerning drawing and shared my long-distance-relationship experiences (it's not as terrible as people say). Oh, and he sketched me! Yay!

That's me, cool, huh? 

I'm not gonna say anything more. Check this guy out, follow him and let him inspire you.

Good luck, boy, for you and your beautiful girlfriend!

What was the most inspiring person you ever met? Come on, share your experience!