sobota, 19 października 2013


Last time I told God about my plans, he laughed, so this time I kept it for myself for quite a long time. You know, just not to jinx it. However, the big day is coming and I can't stay quiet anymore, so I'll tell you a secret (imagine I'm saying it with a confidential whisper): I'm moving.

To be precise, I'm moving to Norway, to Oslo and I'm excited and anxious. Mostly anxious, my inner Anxiety Girl is having the time of her life. I've been preparing myself for this step for the past four months, reading tons of articles, discussion groups and books. The good news, is that, apparently, I have some superpowers (or I'm just motivated beyond measure), since in three months I managed to go trough a Norwegian language course, that was designed for a year. So, yeah, if there are some villains in Oslo, I'll talk them to death.

My life is a rollercoaster again. It's Norwegian flashcards scattered all over the place, my mom panicking over the fact that I don't own a down jacket, NRK P2 blaring in the background and me wondering why for every nice international word like jam, sport or jeans, bokmål has a very awkward counterpart, like syltetøy, idrett or dongeribukser (It's like dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Every decent non-tricky international term has its evil twin in this language). It's also buying and re-booking flight tickets, budgeting, sorting things out, making lists and many other things. And imagine that all the fun has just began. Somewhere in the end of this craziness, there is a nice, cozy (probably closet-sized) room in Oslo, job, new friends, old friends visiting every now and then, (because, hey, when you have a chance to save up on accomodation in Norway, just do it, as long as the chance is still there), probably lot of First Price food, Pizza Grandiosa, dugnader, and things that I don't know yet they exist. Okay, now I'm a bit more excited than anxious. 

I feel like I should add some heart-warming illustration, so I'll just upload a
 random picture of a postcard depicting copulating raindeers from
somewhere around Tromso.