niedziela, 24 sierpnia 2014

I'm back. Sort of.

So, guys, I kinda orphaned my blog. It's not that I'm lazy. Well, not only. At one point I just felt that I don't need public declarations to make things happen. Also, some of my dreams had an expiry date. Running a hostel? Hm, you mean dealing with puking dudes in bathrooms, annoyed neighbours and robbers building administration? Err... No thanks? Also, playing ukulele is somewhat cooler when you're in your early twenties.

However, what I started two years ago in a moment of the worst idunnowhattodowithmylife, pushed me into right direction. There are still many things that I'd love to do, but in the same time, many things that I didn't even think may happen - did happen. Like... I became a TV production manager for a badass cool TV series about travelling and I'm loving it.

That was my office in mid-August

So, yeah, I'm back. Sort of.