The actual list (aka - what is it all about)


I remember myself 4 years ago, in one of life's turning points, slightly terrfied with the abundance of life choices I was yet to make. I was 24, about to graduate and I felt that the free 30 days trial period of my life, is over and the real life is about to begin, the full non-beta version, with all its costs and consequences. 

It was one of those vibrant August weeks in Warsaw. It was hot, I was catsitting in my friend's apartment in green Muranów district, and I had way too much time in my hands. I think it must have been a combination of some very sad memes about adult life, some Loesje poster I saw and an article about how people regret not doing things they always wanted in their life. Having all these things fueling my fears, I decided that whatever happens, I will still do all the cool stuff I always wanted. I will make a bucket list and I will never ever loose the sight of my dreams. 

And here we go, since 2012 I am running this little list, adding things, crossing things out. It's fun. It's 10 Awesome Years, because I'm bad at long deadlines, "10 years" sounds a bit more achievable than "lifetime". Btw: In case any 24-years-old is reading it: calm down, things will take care of itself. 

Here is the full list (click the items!):

#1: Get fit

#2: Send my mom to French Polynesia (and back)

#3: Go to Iran 

#4: Take a stroll down the cherry blossom avenue

#5: Learn how to play ukulele

#6: Walk Camino de Santiago

#7: Make a moss grafitti

#8: Do something crazy about my hair

#9: See the Northern Lights

#10: Own a horse

#11: Go to Istanbul

#12: Run a hostel

#13: Go back to Japan

#14: Get a professional photo shoot done

#15: Learn to code

#16: Close my studies

#17: Dance tango in Buenos Aires

#18: Go to Scotland

#19: Lol, I think I lost count here 

#20: Hike in Bieszczady Mountains

#21: Go for a badass trip with my gran

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