niedziela, 20 maja 2012

Seven: Make a moss graffiti

I can admit that this dream is a little bit on the edge, but I've been amazed by this technique since I saw it for the first time. I get the point of graffiti artists. Some of them. I mean ARTISTS, not blokes who are tagging everything because they have nothing better to do. I also understands the owners of the buildings. Renovating a wall after it's been covered with a graffiti costs fortune, and it really really hurts to see a shitty painting on a new or freshly renovated building. When I saw a (very low quality) Lithuanian graffiti on a wall of a house in Warsaws old town, I felt like I wanted to kill those guys with bare hands (They were nice enough to put their website address as a signature. Douchebags).

On the other hand, seing a nice, colorful, surprising piece of art in a grey, sad and dodgy part of the city is super nice. It means that there are passionate people, who spend their free time improving their skills and making the world a prettier place.

I don't remember when and where I have heard about a moss graffiti for the first time, but I would love to make one. I need to think about it more, I want the technique to reinforce the message, it also has to be made in a right place.

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