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Eleven: Go to Istanbul

Istanbul is one of those cities, which I don't know much about, but they name is like a promise of something special. (Yes, I have a special cathegory for cities like Bombay, Tarragona and Timbouctou). I remember history lessons about Byzantium and Constantinople. I remember reading about Anna Komnene a byzantine princess and scholar, about all those splendid golden cities, habits, architecture, ceremonies, art... There is something fascinating about Istanbul, when I think about it, I have this image of an oriental old city, being mixture of culture and languages, cosmopolitan in an ancient meaning of this word. Recently my Spanish teacher told me, that there is a community of Jews living there, whos ancestors escaped from persecution in medieval Spain and those people still speak Spanish!

Now, however I have two more reasons to go to Istanbul. First of them is Özmen and second is Muto. I met those guys trough CouchSurfing, and they are such a nice, genuine and fun people, that I really really really have to visit Turkey as soon as it's possible. Well, they brought me lokum, which moves a bit away the prospect of acomplishing task one, but is definetely a delicious guilty pleasure.

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