piątek, 18 stycznia 2013

Task sixteen: Close my studies

I thought that I should add it here to make it happen. This week I found myself in a very complicated situation. It turned out that due to some changes in the rules of studying, combined with a huge bureaucratic mess in one of the units of my unversity and my gap year which I took two years ago... I don't exist. If I don't exist I can't defend my MA dissertation and close my studies. If you ever read anything by Franz Kafka, Trial or Castle, you know what I mean. Okay, there was some procrastination from my side and it's my fault that I lost my laptop (containing a hard drive with half of my MA dissertation) and some minor mistakes could be avoided, but still, I drop shadow, I see myself in the mirror and my ankles hurt after yesterdays workout, so I'm more than sure that I exist and therefore I can defend my dissertation, close my studies and move forward with my life. Have you heard it, Warsaw Universty!? I dare you! 

Just in case, my cat is banned from entering my bedroom.

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