sobota, 2 stycznia 2016

Oh what a year it was! / Oh what a year it will be!

2015, I will miss you, you were fantastic. You began innocently and then went full steam ahead. I remember grimmy winter and working in a place I didn't like at all. Gosh, that was so long ago. That was before I had to move out from my old house, before four fantastic months in Bergen happened. That was before a hitch-hiking trip in Japan. And before that 850 kilometers hike in Northern Spain. This year was so rich in experiences, that I can barely remember last beginning of January, exactly a year ago. My diary mentions only that I had problem with wisdom tooth. 

It's already January 3rd, 1 am, so perhaps a bit late for New Year's wishes, but still, may 2016 be a year of a breaktrough. May it make you daring and fearless and fierce, doing things that you weren't even dreaming of. May it bring you to the point when you decide to speak loudly about what's important to you. May you fail, may you fail a lot, because it will mean that you have tried a lot too. 

For me it looks like 2016 will be a year of hard work, that will set a foundation for achieving future goals. Travelling is fun, but it's actually pretty easy, if this was a lunch, travelling-related goals would be a dessert. I'm still polishing my New Years resolutions, but the list is full of boring, grown-up stuff. Such as finishing what I started. Or getting a driving licence (which is pretty much the same thing). Or getting a super-duper job that I would love. Santa got me proper running shoes, so I guess I can't argue with him and at least I need to get back to my #1 goal

2016, come on me, bro!

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