wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2016

#4: Done!

Dang! Done! Cherry blossom in Bonn.

Dear God, what did I have to go trough, in order to see these trees. First, I had to get to Berlin on an overnight coach route. The combination of factors, such as unnumbered seats, including only four VIP ones on the front of the bus, with extra leg space, and the prospect of 9 hours on the bus, made me fast, agile like a lynx and ruthless towards old ladies.

On the German bus, for a change, everything was in Ordnung, seats had numbers and I got the VIP one, next to the driver. It turned out, however, that together with the extra leg space, one gets also 7 hours of free forced conversations in German, the language of love, with the captain of that vessel, who in the same time, was very outspoken about the skills of other drivers. 

When I knocked the door of Kirsten's, my CouchSurfing host, apartment, I was able to tell every German driver what I think about their driving in their mothertongue. Kirsten soothed my linguistic-automotive trauma with a pile of asparagus with sauce hollandaise, which I don't think was a coincidence. Kirsten pays her bills with rummaging into people's brains, I'm pretty sure she must have read some neuroscientific article about the positive influence of asparagus on treatment of traumas. 

I fully recovered after I saw Bonn's Old Tow, so pink, so cute, so kawaii, full of the candy floss of cherry blossom, that I was a bit dissapointed that no one started singing and dancing to the choreography that everybody knows. Maybe it's because we were there with half of Singapore and Singapore doesn't seem like a very dancey place. 

Still. It was totally worth it. So pink, that the six-years-old in me was getting crazily happy. 

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