wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2012

Bread and Cheetos

My frist goal was to loose weight, so I decided to try the South Beach diet, it doesn't exclude many products. First phase lasts 14 days and basically I can't eat bread, potatos, rice, fruits, coffee, tea, fruit juices and fizzy drinks. Easy, huh?

Hm... Not really. It's my third day and I'm already sick of eating eggs and chicken. Seriously, today I was forcing myself to eat a mushroom omlette. Yesterday I needed to take a long bus ride and I had to enjoy a company of a girl carrying a loaf of bread. You know, fresh bread with a crispy crust... smelling like a bakery. Pure torture! Then a guy sat next to me, and he started eating Cheetos. I love Cheetos, I'm pretty sure they add cocaine to it, because I'm a Cheetos-addict. The last part of the food-tease ride was an old lady eating those artificially flavoured strawberry cookies. Why do you people eat on a bus? What's wrong with you? There are people on a diet next to you, show them some empathy!

Ohh... I'm feeling weak and sick and it's still 11 days left!

Update: Today I'm allowed to eat a piece of chocolate. Oh. My. God. Tastes like heaven.

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