sobota, 21 kwietnia 2012

Three: Go to Iran

I've wanted to go to Iran since I read a book "Shah of shahs", written by a famous Polish reporter Ryszard Kapuściński. Then I read a comic "Persepolis" and watched a movie based on the comic (the picture above is a scene from the movie). What intrigues me about Iran is the relationship between a political system and a culture. Before the revolution, Iran was pretty much westernized, it was nothing like other countries in the region, women didn't have to cover their heads, they could wear short skirts, drive a car, smoke cigarettes. After the revolution everything changed, everybody knows in which way. I'm not supporting one or the other government - both have blood on their hands, but apparently Iran have always had a problem with democracy. I'm wondering what are the people like there - those high-educated, open-minded, well-traveled Iranians, I want to couch surf there, I want to talk to them. It may sound creepy, but I like travelling to the countries that are lacking democracy, it makes me appreciate all the freedom I have and it keeps me aware of the fact that it's not obvious in some places.

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