środa, 18 kwietnia 2012

Two: Send my mom to French Polynesia

My mom is the best mom in the whole world. When I was a little girl, she was taking me to museums, theaters, galleries, for long walks. I remember almost every single trip with her. When I got a raw wooden dollhouse, we spent a whole afternoon wallpapering the rooms with the most beautiful wrapping paper she got and stitching curtains and quilts for my dolls. She was supporting me in my drawing, she was getting cold on winter Tuesdays afternoons, when I decided to learn how to ride a horse (not to mention covering the costs of this rather money-consuming hobby). She had a tough life but she gave my sister and me a LOT of love and care.

My mom and I. The fashion of the time of political transformaton - priceless :-)

She has always wanted to travel, but when she was young, crossing the Iron Curtain was almost impossible, you had to have an invitation from abroad, a permission from the local police, they were interviewing you and all your family. She wanted to study geography, but she ended up at the Economic University. The system collapsed a year after she gave birth to me. We took road trips to the Netherlands, France and Spain, but she has never been outside of Europe. When I asked her about where would she like to go (assuming she can go anywhere, no matter the costs and distance), she  said "French Polynesia" (as she speaks French). 

That's my second task: sending her to French Polynesia. It's gonna take a shit load of money but she totally deserves it. I need around 6200 PLN for a ticket and then 300 PLN daily (for let's say 17 days) for an accomodation. Makes around 11 000 PLN in total (=3448 $ or 2632 €). I appreciate all the advices considering investing money, lowering the price of the flight or alternative accomodation in Polynesia.

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